ALL-IN-ONE™ incorporates a premium ECT™ technology, which encapsulates soil and dries to a non-sticky crystal. Soil and residue then vacuum out easily! This low moisture process formula eliminates the need for rinsing and minimizes carpet downtime. Stops discoloration problems caused by wicking. ALL-IN-ONE™ also contains an effective malodor counteractant and a universal fresh fragrance.


This product is available in store at $30.13 for a gallon.


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Edge Plus is a state of the art, highly concentrated carpet extraction cleaner designed for safely maintaining all types of carpeting including stain resistant carpets. Edge Plus incorporates an exclusive EPT encapsulation technology to surround and encapsulate soils, then it dries to a non-sticky powder. soil and residue vacuum out easily!


This product is available in store $14.33 a gallon.


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Foam Break effectively controls excess foaming in extraction equipment, automatic scrubbers, wet-vacs, injectors, buckets, sinks and all other areas where foam is a problem.


This product is available in store for $19.45 a gallon.


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Quickly removes gum and candle wax. Contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters. For use on nonporous surfaces.


This product is available in store at $6.95 for a 6.5 OZ can.


Nature's solution is a unique triple strain bacterial system that produces enzymes which rapidly destroys odors, removes organic stains and liquefies grease. This product provides a natural way for eliminating odors at their source while being environmentally safe.


This product is available in store at $15.53 a gallon, and $4.91 a quart.


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Rinse Away Plus is a mild organic acid, low foaming rinse that safely neutralizes and removes detergent residue to eliminate problems with browning, yellowing or water spots. Highly concentrated for economical dilution. Fast drying; safe for all colorfast carpet dyes.


This product is available in store at $19.95 a gallon.



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